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ENCOURAGEMENT!! is for when you're not ready for a full edit but could use another set of eyes on your work. This service is more hands-off than an edit and is appropriate for writing at any stage of completion.

You'll send me your document (in any format). If you want me to keep anything particular in mind or are feeling doubtful about anything specific, you can let me know in advance and I'll read your work in that context.

I'll read it through and send you my thoughts and, of course, encouragement. When I'm finished, you will feel good about your work and know where to go next.

(I promise that if there's a glaring issue, I'm not going to ignore it—I'll just point it out in a way that doesn't make you cry. It's ENCOURAGEMENT, but its ultimate goal is to help you create the best work possible!)

The name of this offering comes from my dad who would often watch me and my brother working at something and (lovingly) bellow "ENCOURAGEMENT!" at us.

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