You need an editor

You have something to say. You've got an idea and a draft at some stage of completion. But something is stopping you.

Maybe your completed draft has typos galore and you're afraid of missing one.

Maybe you've got it nearly done but it feels, you don't know, weaker than you'd like.

Maybe you've got a first draft and you're struggling to figure out why nothing you're writing is sounding as good as it did in your head.

You need help and you need it now.

You're in the right place.

Copy editor def
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I am an Obnoxious Proofreader

That doesn't mean I am an obnoxious just means that I'm "that guy"—the one who finds the typo on the restaurant menu or who mentally (or, fine, I admit...sometimes out loud) comes up with more effective wording for blurbs and titles out in the wild.

Look, we all have our quirks. At least I use my superpowers for good!