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How it works:

You send me your document (in MS Word format...if this is an issue, contact me to discuss!).

I'll check it for errors: I’ll correct typos, punctuation, and grammatical issues. If I spot any major content issues during the process, I’ll note it in a comment so that you can take a look, but I won't fix it myself (for that service, see An (Obnoxiously Thorough) Edit).

I will use Track Changes so that you can see every change that I've made. I'll address any larger issues with a comment so you can see my notes in context and address them as needed.

Upon completion, I'll send you two documents: the working copy with all changes marked and a clean copy with only my comments showing. I will also send you a summary of my changes as well as my thoughts on the piece as a whole. You will be able to follow up with me on any comments or notes as needed.

The Mildly Obnoxious Proofread is intended to produce a piece of writing with no typos or grammatical errors so you don’t have those nagging doubts keeping you up at night!

NOTE: If you are a thesis student looking for a professional proofreader who will act within the limits of academic guidelines, this is the option for you.

For information about pricing, go here.

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