My current editing rate is $30 CAD/hour. Because every job is different, the best thing to do is send me an email at my contact page. Tell me about your project: What kind of writing is it? Roughly how long? Is it a one-off piece of writing or a series of assignments? What level of editing are you looking for? Mildly Obnoxious or Obnoxiously Thorough? Drop me a line and let’s start a conversation.

If it’s a longform piece of work, I may ask for a sample so I can time myself editing it and calculate a rough estimate. In that case, I’ll send you my completed sample edit along with the quote, free of charge.

Note: Transparency is important to me and I believe in erring on the side of more communication rather than less. If at any point it looks like my estimate needs to be adjusted, I will get in touch immediately.


Unlike (obnoxious) editing and proofreading, ENCOURAGEMENT!!!'s pricing is fixed for all documents.

ENCOURAGEMENT!!! is $30 for documents up to 2000 words, and then an additional $5 per subsequent 1000 words, payable upon purchase of the service. For example, a 5000 word document will cost $45.

If you decide to proceed with an edit within 30 days of purchasing ENCOURAGEMENT!!!, the cost will be credited towards the edit.


My hourly rate for virtual assistant work is $25/hour. Longterm contracts are billed biweekly.