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Are you finalizing your work and looking for someone to check for major errors? The Mildly Obnoxious Proofread is for you! This service is perfect for any work that you’re relatively confident in and just want someone to check over quickly. It's also great for academic dissertations (when permitted), which require limited input from a third party. Learn More

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Does your completed draft need some TLC? I'll read through it and correct typos, punctuation, and grammatical issues. I'll also reword sentences for flow (where appropriate), suggest more effective word choices, and note any possible issues that come to mind as I read so that you can address them (I can also help with this, although you're the expert when it comes to your content). Learn More

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Are you feeling discouraged and generally not awesome? Do you need a supportive and knowledgeable friend to look at your work? I'll read through your draft and get back to you with a pep talk and any suggestions that might help you. While my habit of proofreading can be obnoxious, I myself am not...and I want to help you feel confident! Learn More

If you are looking for more comprehensive help in your business, click here to visit my Obnoxiously Helpful (Virtual) Assistance page


Meg Goodmanson, The Obnoxious Proofreader, proved herself invaluable and far from obnoxious! My wife and I were putting together a business plan which we needed to circulate to some prospective investors and, while I consider myself quite good with my writing, I needed this to be perfect. I sent my business plan to her and her notes were amazing! It really elevated our business plan to be the professional document we needed it to be, and — in no small part thanks to her edits I’m sure — we secured the funding!! Thank you, Meg!  -Allen Pooley, Darn Yarn

When I asked for help refreshing my LinkedIn profile, Meg read it thoroughly and made great specific suggestions. I explained some concerns about my self-description and the tone I wanted to project, so she took another look and gave more feedback. She's friendly, professional, and responds promptly to messages. Highly recommend! -Tanya H.

Thanks for your feedback! It was helpful to get your review and know where to improve on my article. You had constructive and encouraging feedback. -Connie H.


If you have any experience in publishing, you’ll know that proofreading is actually the reviewing of manuscript proofs and that the "proofreading" service I offer is more akin to copy editing. However, the word “proofreading” is frequently used in this way and, dammit, “The Obnoxious Editor” doesn't sound as good to me.

In short, please know that my word choice is a product of conscious thought (and market research) and not ignorance. I am very much an editor in the technical sense of the word. Thank you for your understanding!