The Obnoxious Proofreader is built upon the following principles:

  1. No one is a naturally flawless writer. Everyone makes mistakes and we shouldn’t tell ourselves that those mistakes make us bad writers. They don’t. Every first draft is a mess, whether it becomes a prize-winning novel or an important work email.
  2. Although mistakes don’t make us bad writers, they can distract readers from the contents of our writing. They begin to focus on the writing itself and not the message we want to convey. And that’s why editing is so crucial.
  3. I believe that everyone deserves to have an experienced set of eyes on their written draft. Editors are not just for books, they’re for any writing that’s important.
  4. Hiring an editor doesn’t make you less of a good writer, it means you value your message enough to make sure that it comes across clearly.
  5. An editor isn’t a red-pen-wielding monster. An editor is a knowledgeable friend who wants to help you publish your best and most effective work.
  6. The best editing is collaborative, which is why I always check in about any potentially required rephrasing. You are the expert on your message. My job is to make sure you’re saying what you mean to say.

The Obnoxious Proofreader is built in alignment with the following values:

  1. Approachability: No matter how small your editing job is, you should feel comfortable contacting me.
  2. Friendliness: “Obnoxious” describes my unstoppable proofreading tendencies and not my actual personality.
  3. Thoroughness: As the title of my editing service suggests, my edits are thorough. If I see a problem deeper than a surface-level grammar issue, I will always point it out.
  4. Positivity: I will always approach any issue from a place of encouragement, not judgement.