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My brain is lazy AF: learning to read Hangul (한글)

Learning Korean has given me a fascinating sense of perspective. I’ve learned other languages: I did a double major in French and English in university and I took a year of German back when I thought a master’s degree in Comparative Literature would be a hoot (actually, it probably would be a hoot, but that’s another story). But those…

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Don’t be an asshole: an editor’s guide to internet etiquette

When I took my first editing course, our instructor gave us a valuable piece of advice: don’t correct someone else’s grammar/spelling on social media. Ever. Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, and internet forums (are they still A Thing? Am old) are the textual equivalent of a casual conversation. Do you stop someone mid-conversation to correct their grammar? No,…

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“To fist” or not “to fist,” that is the question

Sometimes word choices are technically correct…but they just plain bug me. Case in point: last year I read a couple of books where the word “fisted” was used as a verb. Frequently. Noticeably often. It really bothered me. I couldn’t think of a single instance where I’d seen the word “fisted” used as a verb like this before. “She…

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